Feathered adventures with ludo

ludovic vuillier
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An adventurer, flock leader, entrepreneur and lover of good times with good food in interesting places.


A sweet, adorable feathered friend who's been with me for over a decade. Loves to play attack of the dinos.


RIP. A gentle, sweet, adoring and adorable pigeon who enjoyed playing, dancing, music and cuddling.


RIP. Miss Piggy the pigeon saw herself as my mate. She would care for me, preen me and talk to me incessantly.


RIP. The wild child pigeon. Lucy was full of love and still learning how to show her love and be loved by us.


RIP. Always the happy go lucky little quail with a blind eye and bad hip. Made friends with cats.


RIP. Poulepoule the chicken loved Lola and me fiercely and would loudly request to go out on adventures.


RIP. Liza loved Lola and me a lot, she did not know how to give Lola space. Wicked smart and great flyer.

Corporate adventures

Baer's Crest logo - a fintech group of companies

baer's crest

Baer's Crest is a group of companies in the fintech industry involved in payment processing, acquiring, banking and digital banking for clients worldwide - both retail and corporate.

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Tails, Beaks and Feets logo

tails, beaks and feets

Tails, Beaks and Feets is the perfect animal app. Find playdates, find your pets' ancestry, record their medical history and report lost with real time push notifications to animal lovers in the area only.

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Baer's Crest logo - a fintech group of companies

an uncommon life

An interesting look at an uncommon life.
More details coming soon.
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Tails, Beaks and Feets logo


If you need help with sales, negotiations or operations in your business, reach out to me and we will discuss to see if we're a good match or not. Book a call.

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philanthropic adventures

Baer's Crest logo - a fintech group of companies

bionic budgie

I have put together a team of university students who have volunteered to help develop a prosthesis for birds who cannot fly due to disease or injury.

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Tails, Beaks and Feets logo

catching baddies

Using social engineering to catch some bad guys. For security purposes I can't say more (for now at least) but it is a very important task.

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social media

Pick your poison

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